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We are proudly announcing that we are launching our online wholesale website in 2020.

First pharmacy outlet in 1962

We start our first retail outlet in Jakarta town in the year 1962. The shop was managed and operated by our founder himself.

First lab in 1985

We started our first lab in year 1985, the main focus of the lab is focusing on research and development on new medical technologies.

Venture into lab design business 1993

We started to help other party to design their lab based on their requirement and we supplying lab equipment as well

Being the exclusive distributor 1995

In year 1995, we are the exclusive distributor for numbers of high-end brand of medical supplies.

Award winning company

ZA Medic became one of the top award winning medical supply company in South East Asia

Version 2.0 Online distribution

In 2020, our chairman has decided to take another step forward, we are now focusing on distributing high grade medical supply to every single country in South East Asia.

Our New Ventures – Face Mask Production

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